Thursday, November 26, 2009


since I'm not much for turkey,what better way to spend the day
but watching giant helium balloon animals try to make a break for it
in the skys of NYC, and play with little rubber finger puppets.

Oh yeah, and something about a big dinner later with some
turkey and crap.

Run for it BULLWINKLE!
One of my faves. first appeared in 1961.
Largest balloon is/was Superman,not sure now if he is
FIRST balloon to appear was FELIX THE CAT.
they used to release all the balloons and if you got one
and returned it, you got a prize!
Why I know all this, I don't know. I could be retaining more useful things in my brain- pan,but then again,
it's more fun this way. INNIT?

music of the day: Gary Newman,NIN
food of the day: DURRRRRR it's TURKEY...(sigh)
mood of the day: giddy with helium

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