Monday, November 9, 2009


O.K my little Monkey Minions , FLY now to
to see this weeks comic by yours truly. Now I'm not going to say
ALL of those dates I describe are exactly accurate..but
a great many had the same nuances as I depicted.
O.K the crazy coke-head guy wasn't THAT crazy as just plug
fuggin' NUTS!

IN other news, I'm just enjoying the process (HA!) of
resume sending, job hunting,receiving no response,
coupon clipping,concert missing,weird pot roast makin',
days I seem to be experiencing, as well as the escape from
the mundane with new and not so new pals in my life.
Keep me sane ol' buds..keep me sane.

music of the day: NIN, Morrissey ( yeah I KNOW..but it sure FEELS like everyday is
Food of the day: meat..MEAT say it with me...'MEEEEAAAAAAT!"
mood of the day: hyped up.

P.S PLEASE leave a comment at the webegirls comic page if you enjoyed it! And don't
forget that every MONDAY a new one will appear!

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