Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YES, I DO play sports!

LOOK OUT Tiger Woods! Here I come!
Well, who COULD miss a ball with a club that size?
But I do notice my stance could use a little work.
I seem to be a lefty there. What the hell happened?
Maybe THAT'S why I always feel so out of sorts and
uneasy, I was really a south paw and forced the change.

Hmmmmmm, naaaaaaa... I'm a bit ambidextrous now as it is.
I eat left handed most times and do some other stuff
lefty. I did attempt to learn to cartoon lefty, just in
case I ever lost that use in the right from my nightmare
accident that rendered ol' Mr. Righty useless.

Did you go check out my comic yet? sigh...go...now...
do as I bid!!!!

music of the day: HUSKER DU!
food of the day: none, mr. tummy hates me today
mood of the day: giddy an unsure but surprisingly

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