Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday is.....

.......sock monkey day. PSYCHO sock monkey day!

I think his name is Bobo. Apparently he went off his meds quite a while
ago and never quite got back to reality. Currently he spends his days
by the dumpster behind the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek,scaring the
hoity toity trendy socialites ,throwing rotten fruit and moldy
mounds of imported cheeses at anyone who comes near.
I did manage to get close to him one day to draw this likeness
with a bribe of a box of raisins and a half chewed blueberry
fruit leather .

Now when I come by to see him he grunts a jovial greeting in my
general direction. I like to think he knows me enough by now to let
me closer. I hope to be able to befriend him enough to be able to
gain his trust and eventually take him home to join my other fine
sock monkey rescues.

For now I can only help make him comfortable enough to survive
the coming winter blast.
So if you happen to see him around that area, please, give
him a little monkey treat or a sip of your hot chocolate.

music of the day: Tom Waits, 80s rewind fun
food of the day: leftover yesterday
mood of the day; hopeful and alert

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