Monday, January 18, 2010

Give it UP

Some days you just KNOW not to do anything that requires your brain to work, you to move too much,or interact with too many people. Today is one of those days.
I did go out to run an errand and grab breakfast/lunch, but quickly realized
that I should get home as fast as possible,with as little human interaction as possible. I want to spare you all, AND me,from any possible contamination from
my sleep deprived, addled brain, the synapse's are misfiring left and right.

This is what I get for weekend debauchery ,culminating in getting to bed at 2 in the morning both nights. I NEVER stay up that late. Yes it was for good reasons,
(VERY good reasons) but still, I should know better.And yes, I would do it again.
Nice to know my priorities are in the right place...
I have to go nap now, and get my head on straight ,before I say or do something

Side note. I haven't mentioned him in ages. Since we actually haven't spoken in ages. But just as I thought he was totally done with me, forgotten, over me, recovered, he pops his cute little Irish head up again from the ex-bf OOZE....
Yes Eric, I still think of you, but you HAVE to get it through your beautiful
ginger locked head that It IS over between us. We are TOO toxic for each other!

Why should we torment each other with the past, the passion was just too great.
We imploded in the flames! You know I needed my creative space,needs you could not meet. We'll always have Paris.(And that certain dressing room at the GAP)But ,alas
it cannot be. Torment yourself ,and me,no longer. A clean break is always best.
If we meet again, we both know it could only end in passionate immolation.
Best you stay on board the Battleship Gallactica. Best I stay in my fortress
of comic book solitude....thinking of what could have been ,but was impossible.

Peace always Eric.I will always keep you in my heart.


Mark said...

Girl, that was so beautiful. LMFAO!

One of these days I swear Im gonna just show up on your doorstep and take you out for a night of fun. You just crack me up too much sometimes!


thank you my dear...I'll go start the car....