Friday, January 15, 2010

too pretty to eat WARNIING GEEK OUT AHEAD!

O.K so after a lunch of sushi at SUSHI DEN with the ol' sister today
and running errands, I swung by KEEGAN GERHARD's D BAR DESSERTS on 17th
today. Hey,there was a parking space right in front,how could I NOT swing by.
I kept hearing and reading so much about the place. And hell,I think
Keegan is cute. Anyway, in I go,and wow,there he is,working on a cake order.
Not just ANY cake order, a SPECIAL cake order, a SPECIAL, GEEK OUT cake to meet
ALL GEEK OUTS. A STAR TREK ENTERPRISE MODEL CAKE! MY geeky heart did a double skip,
as I had a moment of panic set in ,all smoothness gone.
"Don't get all goofy now Patty, be cool, it's cool", whispered my innerself..
I sidled up to the counter and perused the menu,and ordered the mac and cheese with panko crumbs and salad combo..and the ,"OH yeah one of THOSE too" aside to the semi-disinterested,but polite waitstaff,pointing to the case filled with glimmering,glowing cupcakes ,cookies,and all manner of
Sugar coma inducing treats.
A Vanilla square cupcake...Wintery sugar coolness in a paper wrapper,snowflake on top.

I sat down at the bar,to wait for the order, mere inches away from Keegan and assistant working feverishly on the cake.
Smoothing the white chocolate over and over the hull of the ship, schematic plans at the ready.Obviously well researched.
After about 5 minutes of smoothing he notices me sitting there, motions to the waiter ,sees I'm waiting for take out and I use the opportunity to chime in.."Nice cake".
yes ,he acknowledges. "And I should know," I add, "I'm an old Start Trek geek.."
"Oh you are are you?" Keegan responds with a grin.
And thus the conversation turns to how much research he put much I bet he knows about the ship ,MORE than he wanted to know..etc...on it goes.with some instruction to construction, materials used, what he plans to do for the sides, decals, base, hull, etc....a full blown CAKE/ STAR TREK GEEKARAMA on it went for another full 5 glorious minutes..He hands me some of the white chocolate they use to model with and explains how he likes to work with it..he was a very cool guy.
I almost wanted to say "Teach me oh master the way of the cake.."
But I held back.

Bag of noodlie lactose challenging warmth handed to me, I said my goodbyes, he grins and waves goodbye.....

I have to go now..the soft whispers of a cushy ,sweet cupcake are beckoning me
to the kitchen.

I'll let you know how it is.

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