Friday, January 1, 2010

NEW YEAR ,New stuff

"Look up in the sky tonight.
Have a moment for yourself"

These were the words that came out of my fortune cookie
last night. Fortuitous indeed, for I had already gone outside
to admire ,and photograph the full blue moon. And think a bit.
About last year,what I accomplished and what I didn't. What mattered
to me and what didn't.
What I would change and let change organically in my life.
Everything ebbs and flows and I find some of that works pretty well for me.
Other changes I will have to work hard at,and make stronger efforts.

So as I blew off the holiday parties last night,and settled in for a quiet
night of Chinese food, full moons, Animal House on the idiot box and chatting with old friends,
I felt calm ,and hell,pretty content.
I also looked over my blog and saw that my original intent
was no longer valid in a way. My comic pursuits, and priorities have changed
a bit.(Along with my perfect noodle bowl find accomplished.)So I see this page evolving as I
find myself evolving. I hope the ride is enjoyable. But to be sure,comics
and my assorted doodles will always find a place here.I'll always be a goofy girl and
not prone to much public displays of schmaltz and introspection.

So last night,near midnight, tucked in a snugly bed chatting on the
phone with an old friend strengthening our friendship in that slightly
tipsy stupor that happens with champagne and Chinese food,wishing
each other great things in the coming year, I dozed off to sleep
excited about tomorrow.

music of the day: The Who QUADROPHENIA! PLAY VERY LOUD!!!!!
food of the day; leftover Chinese and leftover kisses
mood of the day: refreshed and achy in a good way

amusing side note : if you google 'leidy porno' in a euro country
my blog comes up first before all the crazy euro porn sites. hmmm is there
something I should know?

another side note: do not put on hand cream then type on yer mac keyboard,the letters DO fade off after a while..*shit*

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