Friday, March 26, 2010

ARTY undertakings

SO yours truly is doing a little 'show' in Oct. ,as I might have mentioned before,and I am going to be creating once again my "WONDER-RAMA GLOWING EYE DOGS". Once in great demand in Atlanta, now you Denverites and surrounding area folk ,can get one for your very own. They might be a tad different but the premise is the same. Prices not yet set..there will also be googlie eyed cats..cuz, well, you can't go wrong with googlie eyed anything.

Snow on the way,again, oh joy, but at least this time it will be slight and not as..icky wet? Maybe?
I'm a bit pooped..(these late night chats with a certain long distance somebody are gonna take it's tole eventually, but I don't care. tee hee..xo)

music of the day: PET SHOP BOYS
food of the day: lamb necks ( don't ask)
mood of the day: intrigued, and cautious. But happy.

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