Thursday, March 25, 2010

THursday must be "NO" day!

Sheesh, My day started off nice enough. A fun morning chat with a very special
friend. (No I'm NOT going to tell you anything else more right now!) A good hair day, and
great plans for errands to run. My first mistake was SERIOUSLY underestimating the amount of budget fashion conscious people that would be SWARMING the grand opening of the NORDSTROMS RACK on Colorado Blvd. I mean even getting NEAR the building itself was a task.Parking lot full, cops directing traffic,side streets full of cars parking every which way.As I drove by the entrance to the lot I just waved at the cop and said "Yeah, right!" She laughed and said it had been a nut house since 8 a.m

I don't think I will be getting there in the next few days at least..Oh well,onward.
Laundry done finally, I drove down to one of my little favorite Japanese places to get a lovely light lunch of chicken Katsu. I really like KIKIS for it's cute interior, friendly staff,and not to pricey lunches. Pulling into the parking lot I discover it crammed full of cars, snow everywhere and no place to park. I also discover one big contribution to the jam is a MMJ clinic decided to open up in the strip mall.. AH! THAT'S why all those Cypress Hill looking dudes are running around the parking lot. ( not that all CH dudes are in need of MMJ, I just chose to use them as a stereotypical symbol at this time.)

Giving up there I decide to swing into Ultas down the street to get my most favorite body lotion in the world. They hadn't had it the last few times I was there and...DING, they didn't again.scanning the tag the tell me..NO, it's DISCONTINUED! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
By the GODS!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY? Everything I love is discontinued!

Pumping my little fists into the air in anger at KORRES for stopping production on what may be the most sexy smelling body lotion I have ever owned and that garners me multiple compliments
every time I wear it, I stagger out into the sun to at LEAST find a quick lunch, as I am sinking fast.. ( no I can't tell u cuz then YOU will maybe try to find it...oh, all right it's their Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk and I swear it is to DIE for..and yes people call me cupcake all the time.)

Quick drive by Spicy Thai for a killer fast yummy lunch, I am at least satiated on one tummy.

Home now, found the lotion on-line and yes, I got a few.
And now to draw. Where nothing on my desk is full, discontinued, and all my drawings smell like heavenly vanilla...( o.k I made that part up ,but ..sheeeeeee..)

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