Friday, March 12, 2010

New Vitamins!

I have been doing really well lately with my eating habits. Until I got that nasty
ass head cold/chest/bronchial cough of death that is. then I stopped eating much
due to lack of taste buds and a effed up system. I seemed to be 'noshing' more than
actual meals. Knowing that wasn't helping me regain my strength and health, plus I don't want to put BACK on the 15 plus pds. I recently lost, I have been
making an effort to get all my daily requirements of vitamins, omegas, yadda yadda into my system. Case in point, this LOVELY
little meal I made last night. Chock full of brain food, vitamins and greens!
I am so proud of myself for creating ,actually ,one of my favorite meals to eat.

Then I had to go an spoil it all with this little nugget of yum:

Yes. Chocolate cake. I'm pretty sure that it MUST hold some nutritional value.
If only for the happy smile it puts on ones face. NO. I'm pretty sure it
contains special vitamins. Vitamins not yet discovered by modern science and the FDA.
I hear by decree it to contain the special Vitamin H. Vitamin H stands for "HELL YEAH, CAKE!", and HAPPY FACE.
Go on, try to disprove me! I double dog DARE you to NOT smile with a big hunk o'
sweet,warm,moist,chocolate love in your mouth! GO ON!!!

Yeah,*smirk* I thought so.

music of the day/weekend: pet shop boys, Gary Numan,Bowie,Joy Division,Flogging Molly
food of the day: need you ASK?
mood of the day: sugared up!


Anonymous said...

The first part looks appetizing indeed. Two plates for me please !
But the dessert...Hell !
Did you ever imagine your blood after this ? Changed into syrup ? And charged with huge fat molecules that have nothing in their mind but cling to your arteries walls !
Still wanna smile ? Haha !

Ok ! Hum !

Is there a part left for me ?
With a little bit of whipped cream please.
And if it's not too much too ask...
Some vanilla ice cream.
With a banana, flambé with a few drops of rum, it will be perfect !

Hey Patty ! If you ever take the plane to come here, I'll take you to one of the best restaurant of the country. Unforgettable, hehe !
My word !!


plenty of ice cream to go around my dear! hee hee..

O.K I'm on the plane where am I going again? Paris?

make reservations....

Anonymous said...

Nope !
Head for the south my friend, right to the sun, I'll make it shine for you.
In exchange for a sketch and a smile !

bluejoanna said...

Dark chocolate is good for your heart...or something

I <3 dark chocolate


ya it is..but I also get wicked ass heartburn from chocolate if I'm not careful..for example, when I have a bad chest infection ,congestion ,like now..eating a hunk of cake is NOT such a good idea...
I was up all night with the burning and the moaning and the...well u get the idea...

Anonymous said...

Yeah ! They say dark chocolate has some good effects on coronaries to sum up, and on spirits too !
In SMALL DOSES !! (And preferably pure dark)
It also has a devilish side.
Well...Nothing but human finally !