Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun for all!

Let's visit with our little rabbit friends this fine Easter weekend, shall we?

This rabbit has that elongated creepy look.Why I'd even go so far as to say he's even a bit sinister looking,like that rabbit in Donnie Darko!

I'm kinda creep-a-fied!

Sad depressed bunny. I gather from a lack of
a fine Sunday suit to wear. I think he did a dose
of Diazepam as well.

Seemingly spewing anger from her vengeful heart, Mrs. Rabbit grabs her bumper shoot and treks off in search of that old drunk Mr. Rabbit,
who once again, failed to deliver eggs on time .

Well, wasn't that FUN kiddies?
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don't eat TOO many peeps and bunny ears!

Music of the day: Cure
food of the day: peeps!
mood of the day: Skunked on peeps


Anonymous said...

Sure Mrs Rabbit looks as boring as death !
Two doses of Diazepam for me !
And a good Bourbon ! To forget this awful chick.
If I may say !
Happy Easter my dear ! Did you eat a biiiig chocolate rabbit ?


I ate peeps and a tiny bit of I feel quite sick..