Tuesday, May 18, 2010


(the rest of the meal)

So years ago when I lived in Atlanta I worked at this cool boutique in the
"hip" part of town, Little Five Points, and one of the things we sold
were funny postcards. One of my favorites was this goofy one with a cat
and ,well, you can see what it says. But anyway I always used to walk around the
store saying that phrase in that weird voice this old lady had in the movie
Paper Moon. The scene where Addie Pray is
at this old ladies house to flim-flam her and the lady goes all sweet on her and
says "I bet you'd like a nice slice of paaaaahhhhhhh." O.K , obviously you'd have to
see it to get it,but, it stuck with me,and to this day whenever I'm at a meal with dessert. I pipe up with the "Keep your fork...." in that wack ladies gravely, sweet voice. Yes, I know I need to get out more.

I was happy to find the card online someplace. I used to buy them when we'd get them
back in stock and send them out constantly. You know, before e-mail became all the
rage. I miss getting actual MAIL these days. I used to get lots of mail,postcards,letters and cool stuff..Now it's the occasional mag and lots of bills.

And Qwest seems to think I will use more of their services if they bombard me with
giant postcard upon postcard. NO you losers, I will not. But you could lower my bill by not spending so much fricking money on giant postcards. And while we're at it, you called me AGAIN this morning with the solicitation of your 'great' services I could add on to what I already have. You called me 4 times already, each time I ask you to not call again. I will be rude next time I swear.
I didn't mean to go on a Qwest rant, I'd much rather talk about pie. So I will stop now.

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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Patty, Patty, Patty. Oh, how I hate the phone company too. (Although Qwest is RELATIVELY less evil than lots of corporations. But that just shows how evil most corporations are.)
Back in my younger days I wrote a punk song about the phone company, believe it or not. I made it into a crappy video too, with help from the public access station. "They're the world's most evil monopoly! The phone company!" It was a hit in my small little world.