Monday, May 17, 2010

Narrated Dim Sum

It's the only way really, you see you have to talk about your Dim Sum experience when you go. It's usually different each time.
Some find the turnip cakes a bit too "gelatinous".Others might find popping
whole squid or shrimp in their gaping maws somewhat challenging. What they try or
refuse to try I think can reflect their everyday living. I believe; pick with gusto off the Dim Sum carts, you pick with gusto your life choices.

This weekend I experienced something I hadn't in a long time:
Someone nice, laid back, inquisitive, open, expressive in oh so many sweet ways,
non-judgmental, and connecting. He popped the whole squid in his mouth.

I think there might be some fine Dim Sum meals in the future.

Yup.......I think so.
*post script* (or at least he will watch me eat Dim Sum) giggle

music of the day: all of it
food of the day : leftovers
mood of the day: giddy? not quite satiated?
what am I doing!!?

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