Friday, June 11, 2010

C'mon weekend!

It can't come fast enough, for OH so many reasons. But a big one is, I get
to spend time with someone so intriguing to me that I can hardly stand it.
Thas' all I gots ta say on THAT .

I also get to unwind, and COOL DOWN with a cool front headed this way.
It will be a relief after this past weeks fiasco of bad weather, explosions at
electrical sub-stations, and just bad ju-ju all around for some of my friends.

So I'm sitting here, having my mid-afternoon snack and thinking about how much a
creature of habit I am. Green Jasmin Tea and either some raisins and sumflower seeds or a Blueberry Monkey Bar
I got hooked on these after I got hooked on the oatmeal.
Hey you know me an monkeys! we got a thing going on.

I will always be true to food that doesn't make me goofy. And these don't
( King soopers will have them on sale next week so get yer buns over there!)
I went grocery shopping and bought the same things I usually buy. I wonder if the ground would open up if I deviated
at all? Bwahahaha

It's a cute monkey on the package! That means it's GOOD!!!

Music of the day; Morrissey, U2,assorted
food of the day: Monkey Bars!
mood of the day: anxious

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