Tuesday, June 8, 2010


..was not my favorite day , by far, besides the oppressive heat, The early evening
explosion I heard ,then subsequent blackout, nearly did me in.( read it here I'm too tired to tell)
My windows face the wrong way for a breeze,so the heatbox that was once my apartment sent me out into the melee that was unfolding a block away from me.
Besides that , the hospital right up the street from me was evacuating some
people so a constant stream of ambulances were whizzing right by my window.
Had to find a phone ,cuz mine was dead, and I was expecting a call from my sister to let me know when to pick them up from the airport from Italy.

I escaped to my Moms place,where I cranked up the A.C and waited, and waited, and waited until her very, very, very, VERY, late flight finally arrived, at 1:30 a.m.
I'm surprised that I haven't passed out yet today from the lack of sleep.
At least the temp. has dropped considerably.

I feel too grumpy still to deal.
I'm going to bed!

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