Friday, June 18, 2010

Sushi Festivities!

So , Sunday is my birthday. A bit conflicted over this one,since it's
a BIG one. And seems to be serving as
a deep reminder of all the things I haven't accomplished yet in my life.
I could let it serve as a reminder to
all the things I have accomplished and let it go at that, but I tend to get a bit reflective and wallow in "shoulda ,woulda' coulda's".

Until I snap out of it an enjoy something so wonderful as a serving of delightful sushi that is. And then I remember all the great things in my life.
Yeah I have been unemployed for a while, but I did pick up some killer opportunities lately, (including a swell book illustration job, and an cool web-comic gig.) and while I was laid pretty low by a then perceived devastating relationship breakup
a few years back, I seem to be in an interesting ,evolving, crazy fun as hell "thing" right now that makes everything else pale in comparison on a lot of levels.
I'm enjoying the ride, that's for sure. Can't wait to see where it goes. IF it's anything like I imagine, I'll send you a post card from Europe in a few years. (It's a Q- world to be sure.)

I've also made some pretty interesting friends thru my years,and some spiffy new ones here in Denver. For that I'm thankful. ( special shout out to Kyle pal extraordinaire)

Birthdays serve many purposes , reflections on the years past, visualizing the future...and cupcakes....
we can't forget the cupcakes can we?

I'll eat one for you Sunday.

music of the day: NIN, Joy Division, DEVO
food of the day: sushi, pho
mood of the day: see above

(bonus food of the day for Sunday: cupcakes!)

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