Thursday, June 17, 2010

We need you!

I'm just sayin'. Maybe he can kick some BP ass for us.

Today is get stuff done day/acupuncture day,with a dose of
final visit with my chiro Tim, before he moves on to cooler
pastures. He will be missed. Now the annoying process begins to find
a replacement that meets the criteria I have.
( insert sad face here.) Namely ,cutting me a deal,be close by and
actually be able to get my little necky neck back in gear every time.
I'll keep ya posted. hee hee

Also a monumental day yesterday as I packed up a whole shelf of PEZ and
stowed it away in a box...either to be sold or..shudder..just go away.
It MUST be the start of a new world order over here. Either that, or the ground
will open up and swallow me whole.

Pretty much everything there is for sale.Except a Jack in the box one and the missing tooth skull head on the
second shelf down,and the headless ones from Japan..unless you sweeten the offer..HAHA
Oh ,and the hand made PJ one a fan made me years ago.
It did feel good to clean off all these lil' dust catchin' bastids though.

I'm such a GEEK!

music of the day: The Replacements, Iggy, Belle and Sebastian
food of the day: chicken salad
mood of the day: ornery


Just Jane said...

I love my chiropractor! And he's close by your house (I-25 & Colo). I don't know what you consider reasonable rates so I can't say if he'll meet that need but he's awesome in the neck department. I ought to know.


15 bucks a pop?
YA I'd like to get the info from ya...