Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where I been anyway?

Sheeesh, I know, I know, slacking off, AGAIN !
But with good reason. Looming deadlines for an OH So Cool book illo. gig. and prepping for a show in Oct, AND the usually every day b.s leaves not so much time for lil' Patty gal to post every day.
But efforts will be made. Just the heat too leaves my brain pan with little
incentive and desire to come up with scintillating topics to entertain and enlighten you.

Here is the Disco Glitter Dog to entertain you for now. Stare into his Disco Biscuit Eyes long enough and you too shall be entranced and mesmerized for hours on end. Soon you shall have the uncontrollable urge to
dance to bad late 70s music in sparkly polyester disco pants.

Feel the beat?
Get on yer feet!
And dance to the muzac of yer past.....
It's the Disco Glitter Dog come to take you away from all this....

music of the day: umm Village People?
Mood of the day: frustrated...very


Claate said...

Hey there Patty! Yer ol' friend Cath here. Timely that you blogged. While you're going down disco memory lane there (I actually just bought a cassette to MP3 converter so I can convert my disco tapes to my iPod - remember Beautiful Bend??)

Anyway, got a question for you - fast forward one musical genre to punk. I came across a guy in the next town over who has an archive blog on early 80's punk/new wave and he emailed me to see if I personally knew anyone who was a member of the Screamin' Sneakers as he wants permission to re-release some of their work. I told him I wasn't in the "in" crowd in the SoFla scene, but I would reach out to you to see if you knew any of the band members.

Otherwise, how's trix? -- Cath


hey girl! long time no chat!

I can check around...but I think he will have to really be careful there..let me get back to you on that..

see ya on the facebook!