Saturday, August 14, 2010


Whew! Big project finally finished! Great results seen , umm by the holidaze.
Now onto even bigger things. Namely,Dog wood cutouts to be painted. Only a few left to go
for my show in Oct. YAAA!

So in cleaning out some shelves in my studio I came across some "comic a day" diaries I was keeping
during the "dark days of Patty". Some I still find amusing, or telling of my state of mind during that time.
Some I ended up using for my Zero Hour stuff for the dailies development I was working on last year.
I think some are worthy of an amusing revisit here so in the next few days I shall be running selected strips
for your perusal, enjoyment, and criticism of my bad spelling habits and primitive fast drawing techniques.

music of the dog painting day: assorted nuts, and Gary Numan
food of the day: it's a crap shoot
mood of the day: resigned to what it is.

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