Thursday, November 11, 2010


..this is why I forgot to do a comic the other day.
Let's play catch up , shall we?
So every now and then, Miss Back -Pain decides to rear her ugly head a bit stronger than usual. 'Muddle thru" I say to her, "Muddle thru the day".
Since I have all but done away with hard core pain killers the Dr.s have given me over the years,( Bye-bye mr. percocet, vicoden,oxycotin,etc...), I rely mainly on careful monitoring of my activities, daily yoga, stretching, meditation, and the occasional organic remedy,sometimes they just do NOT do the trick. Only thing to do,save a visit to a chiro, (which now I have none again as he has absconded to the deep woods of ..umm Washington state), is just muddle thru to the other side.

If I'm out somewhere, like the club, or a party, just cuz I'm sitting there watching people etc..doesn't mean I'm not having fun..or, if I leave something early, alot of the times it means either A. I HAVE to sit cuz I can't dance ,or B.The pain is so severe I HAVE to sit down, or all the chairs in the place are throwing my back,neck out and I can't stand anymore.

I'm like a slinky the Dr. said, upon viewing my MRI and X-Rays I had to concur.
Though I can't find the slinky logo anywhere on my spine, I think they are right.Sometimes I can pop myself right back into place.

Some days I kinda "forget" that I have this going on in my body, I have gotten so USED to pain, that a day without ANY comes as a total shock and delightful surprise. Then I have to reel myself in from over doing in the false belief that it is "fixed".

Colorado is a bad state to live in, seems any guy I have been involved with seems to think that everyone should or will go skiing, hiking, mountain climbing,biking etc...
I think it's major when I can run around the park for a while or stand for longer than 3 hours at a time. See where the issues might crawl in? Not that I don't WANT to do those things. ( Heck I was pretty active in my younger days, including swimming every day,free weight lifting ( yeah that prolly didn't help my situation now), lugging around 25 pds. of musical instruments on the hot field in high school marching band...
yadda yadda....

Funny thing , one activity not totally affected by this pain issue , is thankfully, one of the most delightful of activities. Now if I could only GET some of that activity in my life, maybe my back will appreciate the work out... snicker.

music of the day: Morrissey,and um..stuff
food of the day: greens, sweet potato , legumes ,green tea, YOGA
mood of the day: rainy day pain

off to create, ebay..yeah!!!


Just Jane said...

Boo for back pain. I'm sorry it's causing you grief.


thank you my dear...most days I don't even notice it anymore..but when it shifts around..grrrrrrrr heehehehe