Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Holy Crap! I forgot to do a comic last night for today..GRRRRRR..
Well, I DID get my webegirls comic done for next week ,and I was so excited
about it I plum forgot to do the daily comic.
BUT, this post counts for my self imposed blog a day doings I got goin' on.

Here's a photo out my bathroom window of the first, belated, snowfall of the season.
A very,very sparse fall,but one that totally covered my car in leaves from the tree near my parking space..UG..its everywhere and wet an sticky. Come over an wash my car and
I will love you forever.

Off to be productive

music of the day: that buzzy, fuzzy tune lodged in my brain
food of the day: jerk chicken wings
mood of the day: pensive and defensive

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