Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have to confess, doing a comic a day right now has proven to be a might taxing. I don't know WHY ,it's not like I have a JOB to go to or anything.*snicker*
But ,seeing by the back up of undone strips starting, the other projects I have that seem to be more important. I think it will be a "when I can get to it " kinda thing.
Not that I'm ignoring the blog everyday this month thing, I'm just gonna have to rethink what it is I'm doing.

I can't do a comic about what I eat everyday now, can I?
(hmm or can I?)

off to clean, swiffer, wash, scrub, dust, change, ink,moisturize,glue,glitter,photograph,music, get the picture....

music of the day: what's good to clean to?
food of the day: what he's having
mood of the day: mwahahahah


Just Jane said...

Of course you can do a comic about what you eat every day.

Remember, the point isn't to do your best quality but to do SOMETHING every day.

And don't you dare quit now, Lil Missy, or there will be no cakes for you! (I am now, the official, blog nazi.)



*drool drool*

o.k, yer right..hahah well at least I have managed to post SOMETHING each day! HA
back to the comics ! HUZZAH!