Sunday, November 14, 2010


It was a nice thought, going for Indian food on a lovely Sunday,with a lovely pal,but sometimes things can turn nasty pretty quickly. That was today.
Not an hour after eating, those familiar pangs of pain started in my gut. Indigestion, full blown within 20 minutes, and me not home. By the time I got some meds in me it was too late. My back went full into pain ,radiating up and down,semi-writhing.
"What's this ?", You ask, "I thought you said indigestion?"
Yes, but , the swelling of my tummy and chest from the buildup is enuff to full blown pop my back out. It doesn't happen too often, and I should have known better.
It's 5: 30 and I'm still feeling like crud. There goes my Sunday.

Lesson learned.

And the food wasn't even that good.


hartchamber said...

aie! Know the feeling! Getting Old is not for the faint-hearted. I currently am trying to think of my stomach as having shrunk in size- I eat kid meals. It seems to work. eat less but more frequently.


well yeah, usually I eat less spicy and the seductive lure of the cabbage and potatoes prolly DID do me