Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy..umm Wednesday

He has one of the most distinct profile in Hollywood.* It's that STUNNING nose! ( I wanna kiss it!)
Strong chin, piercing eyes; He's Crispin Glover and it's his birthday today!
SO many happy returns to a very eclectic individual. Love ya!

Other news. Not much I can tell here but, some brewing nicely along.
It's all good! Cold gone. Job front looks good. Jell-O made for
some squishy fun. Off to do what I do best. ( beat the computer until
it bends to my wack-o Illustrator using ways!)

music of the day:The Naked And Famous, Peter Yorn, Strokes, Band of Horses.
food of the day: orange jell-o and fake crab stuffs.
mood of the day: CELEBRATE!!!( you know who you are,and how!)

* Bruce Campbell being the other with a "put-your-eye-out-chin".

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