Monday, April 18, 2011


It's a comic. It be at webegirls.
It be amusing. I hope.

Recovery week is over, now to get this week underway with a bang!
Lot's to do. lot's coming up. I might have some kick ass news for you veddy soon my
little Gumby's and Gumbettes!

Must book it out of here, much to do. Still learning Illustrator. I get lulled into a sense of "oh! I know how to do this", mixed with a sudden, " OH hell, WHAT was that again, how did that work now?" , moment. Not the best thing, but I am making strides like hell. YAAA me!
(I even did a logo for a client!YAAA)

disclaimer: this weeks comic is not reflective of any one single person I know, rather a compilation of several people , all struggling with trying to kick the habit.(so there..tee hee)

music of the day: assorted , Duran Duran retro moment
food of the day: ug.. rice crackers, green tea MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL
mood of the day; groggy goodness wrapped up in a fog of content.( thanks cuddlebunny!)

go one with the universe grasshopper

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