Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yes, I am feeling MUCH better, thank you very much.
SNOT GURRRRRRRRL no more! ( Except my dad-ums would tell you I am always snotty..tee hee)
Amazing what a full nights sleep can do for ones outlook on life, I tells ya what!

Managed to accomplish what I thought was impossible: designing a logo in Illustrator.
Being the luddite that I am, that is a major step, especially I try to use my free time INKING and DRAWING with actual tools. I don't ever see me abandoning those and using the computer to create comics,(hello Dilbert), but it will come in handy for all that fun coloring and touch ups! How could you NOT dig pen and ink and all those fun papers ,textures, liquids, ink flow and watching it dry?

Music of the day: THE KILLS, MGMT, Radiohead
food of the day: ummm turkey burger
mood of the day: better, hopeful


James said...

And I am immeasurably grateful for your sacrifice and hard work! <3 It's very cool, and was a hit with my peers.


glad you liked it! WHEW!