Monday, April 11, 2011


And comic day. So hidey yerself over to webegirls for a Moday/mehday chuckle.

Amazing what an almost full nights sleep can do for ones constitution.
Feels like a switch has been flipped off again inside me.
Wonderfully enough, the side effects of some stuff going on was
about 20 pds. lost . Can't have been from my ass though, it looks
'bout the same. BWAHAHAH! I crack me UP!
(well, somebody has to, so shut-yer pie hole dude)

Off to do battle with the dreaded illustrator program. Honestly, could anything BE more annoying? ( 'cept maybe me kevetching about it)

Gumby has nothing to do with this post except make me smile.
Everyone should have a Gumby or a Pokey around the house. Simple design, playful
ZEN Gumby. He just is.

music of the day: assorted fun schtuff, Lee Scratch Perry, rem, Pet Shop Boys,Radio head
food of the day: not sure yet, am I back on the feed?
mood of the day: recovering from the sick.

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