Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boy oh Boy.. I behind! I didn't mean to,
but the days got away from me. That's what happens when you have to readjust your
day to fit going INTO work. Changing sleep hours, when you eat etc...all bug me
for a few weeks until I acclimate. This also seems to include posting on a blog.

Here's a comic thing to look at. Have I posted that before?
Sorry I don't have anything else to show ,but right now is my character designs for
a Graphic Novel or a new comic strip series I have percolating in my widdle
brain-pan. EXCITING!

Also the book I did illustrations for, is going to press by next week if all goes well.
So at least there will be THAT little item for those of you needing a "PATTY " fix.
Update as I get more info on release date and ordering information.

Off to doodle and goof around. YAY for goofing!

music of the day: White Lies ( I know them well...)
food of the day: eggplant
mood of the day: hopeful but still broker than something from
me willya?

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