Sunday, June 19, 2011


No, that's not me. But I DID do my hair/ makeup in the style of
Isabella Rosellini in honor of her birthday yesterday. ( Plus I needed to post
some sort of photo here so as not to totally bore you!)

The prerequisite greetings to dads deserving of such an accolade.

Happy Birthday to me ( a day early), last night marked the first foray out
in a long time. Designated driver Sage gamely escorted me and three other
sorry asses around to the local gothy club, where a rapidly altering me, was
cajoled with a birthday shot purchased for me by one previously mentioned
partner in that evenings crime. As the evening progressed conversations flowed, dances danced, and people watching became a bit fuzzy.

I do recall of course the futile efforts of an exquisitely dressed club kid/cum goth kid with a tender bend to dressing in the fairer of the sex's wardrobe, effort to get me out on the dance floor. Upon learning of my physical impediment of the night, leaned in and told me how beautiful I was, and asked sweetly "Can I kiss you?" Certainly! Followed by reassurances that I was special (s)/he proceeded to dance their glitter spattered heart out for me.

I also recall a boobie squeeze from an alley wall hugging drunk lady.
The best topper of course was a car full of all levels of inebriated people swinging by the late night Burrito place to get $3.99 breakfast burritos at around 2:00 a.m.

I hear by proclaim last night to be a successful pre-birthday bash fun night.

Even if I didn't get my birthday boink. Thank you very much. (You can owe me.You know who you iz) ;)

Music of the day: Ziggy Marley
food of the day: BBQ Pops day burgers on grill
mood of the day: weeeeeeee another fun day off!

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