Thursday, June 23, 2011


You all know who THIS is don't you? That's right, only the sexiest, suavest, funniest, talented movie man to walk this planet. Oh , and don't forget, drunk dialer.
Yes, that's right, not once, not twice, but, oh probably at least 15 times has this
ex piece of work called me late night whenever he either
A: finishes work on a movie and wants to celebrate, or
B. just broke up with his current girlfriend.

I don't seem to recall a new movie of his coming out until late July so it MUST have been he broke up with his latest conquest.

It must have been ,cuz this is what happened last night:

2:00AM: Sleeping soundly in bed when disturbed by the late night call...
The smooth melodious voice practically purred in my ear..."Hey Babydoll, it's me, your love-boy!" long pause from me.."George? What the eff man....I"m trying to sleep".
"Oh baby I just wanted to call to tell you how much I've been thinking about you *hick*...and I want to come see you! I can fly out there and be there by tomorrow even!"

"George, you know we go through this every time you break up with someone, why do you persist?"

"Oh sweetie, you know you are the only one that understands ways no one else can. you GET me!"

"Well, I got you ONCE, but I don't want to get it again.." *snicker*
"AWwww baby,c'mon I'm free and clear now, how many times can I tell you that she meant nothing to me at all. I see that now,NONE of them ment anything, so will you give US one more try?"
long pause.......I actually thought about it since lately my run of men has been
nothing short of challenging and frustrating, but then I thought better of it and
common sense brought me around...
" NO George, I really think we need to just lust after each other from afar,and leave it at that. o.k?"

The scream echoing from the phone woke my neighbor.
"Night George, be well my dear..."

I gently hung up and went back to sleep.

I expect another call in August...

song of the day: Who's Sorry Now.
food of the day: humble pie
mood of the day: spent

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