Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello October

Hello October, where have you been?
Now if you could just bring the cold weather I like so much, thank you very much I will be a happy kitty!

In other news. Due to my newly unemployed status once again,(thank you economy) I am selling and taking commissions on little fun paintings.. Most seem to have a Halloweenie theme going for them, but I can whip something else up if you MUST have it.
The little buggers here are 2"x2" and start at around $25 bucks.. then they go up in size and price, but hey, how often do you get a chance to own some painterly art by yours truly that won't break the bank! The cat seems to be spoken for I think , but contact me for availability.And I can always do another one for yaz. Act fast though, these buggers are actually harder to do than big work. ( Me being of squinty eyed of late..)

The purple wallpaper lady is $40.

all works © 2011 P. Leidy

music of the day: his singing heart
food of the day: Japanese curry
mood of the day: wondering how long this 'happy " will last........ :D

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