Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photo of my little gallery of schtuff for sales. The green one is sold.
so "ax" me about something if you're interested. (and no, the Pogo art is NOT for sale..hee)

I love painting , but man, my eyes are shot for the day. I best start working bigger if
I want to HAVE eyes when I'm old.

Recovering from some more wonderful time spent with my uhh.. I guess 'dude"..I have no
idea these days what to call someone or how to describe a relationship and give it a qualifying name. Best let this one float around for a while...

And speaking of float, time to medicate this ferklupkin bad shoulder and neck thing I got going on as well..I finally figured out it's from the way I sit at my art table when I'm painting, leaning to the left the whole time pushing down on my left butt cheek and numbing out my neck .UG.
Anyway, I need to be more mindful of how I sit and do things if I want to be functioning at all.

"I'm fallin' apahhht ovah heyah!"

music of the day: The Waterboys ( honestly you NEED to listen to them)
food of the day: vegetarian chicken burger
mood of the day: happy go lucky ar-teest

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