Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hiatus over?

O.K so there's a new CAFE NEUROTIC comic posted at webegirls.
I took an extended hiatus from the strip due to several circumstances, one of which was the good ol: " I ran out of ideas and anything to say".
But encouragement from friends , long winding thoughts , a new pen nib, some new grounds made in dealing with some health issues ( back related)...refreshing myself with months of painting instead of comics, and something NEW to write about ( Hi new relationship dude!), have all merged into the piece of work you can view now.

Now to see if it sticks.

I guess I am on a new journey. With my inner self and with my dude. I couldn't be more excited. ON so many levels too. The cuteness, it hurts. :D

music of the day: whatever the book store is playing
food of the day: it was toasted is all I know
mood of the day: OM

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