Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Painting Day!

"Ah," thought Lola, "NOW this cocktail party is getting interesting".

© '11 P. J Leidy .
4"x4" $ 45 .00

Now onto actually trying to write and ink a Cafe Neurotic strip for the web. Since I haven't actually written or done a comic in a few months now, this might be an interesting try, since my funny bone has been replaced with a color -bone lately. But at least I'm giving it the old college try , eh?

My other worldly distraction of late, let's just call him Mr. A for now, has been nothing short of inspiring and supportive of the usually delicate constitution of my tortured, ink- stained fingered soul . New adventures, mind expansion , and meditation all contribute to
a creative output I haven't had in eons. My gratitude and joy at finding such a glowing hunk of joy that he is , is not given lightly. Plus he makes a killer figure and photo model to boot.. (Hubba hubba! Two birds with one stone!)
We have decided we definitely knew each other in another lifetime.
How else to possibly explain the complete comfort and delight in each others company. How else to explain the calm,glowing Buddha smiles emanating from us both. (Well logically I know, but, why not be all goofy and mystical every now and then.)

Off to be brilliant.

music of the day: Kooks, Mumford and Sons, Capt Beefheart!
food of the day: That vanilla Soy milk I had this morning for breakfast that didn't make me barf.
mood of the day: slight job hunting anxiety with a side of frys.

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