Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Day!

You know what it takes to save what looks to be a super crappy, bad mood, sad kinda day?
Not much. Just a few words can do it.
Today started out with me dreading it. You know, the -"Not feeling like painting, feeling blocked, ugly mood, depressed, menopausal, missing my ex to death -kinda day?" That's the one .

Anyway, I went to the mall to try to at least walk off my blues, while pretending to shop for new clothes. I felt frumpy in all my over sized stuff and NOT wanting to go out in public at all, I tried to assume the "Invisible mode" I'm so good at; Stealth and Fast ( I hate clothes shopping.can you tell? )

Anyway, In Macy's , full frustration mode at not being able to find one thing I liked, browsing but not seeing the baubles, rings and lipsticks before me , avoiding all eye contact with everyone, mood worsening by the second, I hear behind me "EXCUSE ME!" Turning , expecting the worse from an aggressive salesclerk or the super worse, security thinking I'm up to some shenanigans, it was a middle aged woman tapping me on the shoulder. She then said to me: " I just had to tell you how fantastic I think you look! You look so smart and pulled together".
Wahhhhhhhhh? MY mouth practically dropped. "ME?" I responded kind of incredulously .
"OH wow, really?And here I am thinking I'm so frumpy all the time!"
"Yes, I just love how you are dressed and you look so pretty and and stylish"
Well after I thanked her and we exchanged fast pleasantries and happiness of the day to each other, I did a fast look in a nearby mirror to see what maybe I had not been able to see.

O.K, I was wearing my standard bluejeans , black top , hoodie, and funky yoga scarf from World Market,with my romper stomper boots and sharp red lipstick. "Hmm", I thought, " Not as frumpy as I originally thought". That'll do!
I wear my sorrow on my face a lot, most think it's just an arty- moody suffering Wuthering Heights kind of beauty I exude now. Maybe they're right. But dang, I do look o.k.

O.K that's not the point of this post anyway. MY point is, just some nice words , not much of an effort really, can really turn around someones day.

Thank you lady in Macy's that admired me. I will try to live up to it more ! And I won't be so hard on myself about stuff I can do nothing about, and being so hyper critical all the time of myself and make more of an effort to do what I can about stuff I CAN do something about.

Pass it on.

music of the day: Dandy Warhols, Robyn Hitchcock
food of the day: that cool weird sandwich I had in Nordys
mood of the day: lightened :D