Sunday, January 22, 2012

Funday is Sunday

I admit it, I am a slacker when it comes
to posting on my blog thang.
I always have a good reason though.

My latest is: I am painting, or at least trying to paint, like a madwoman. With a potential show
in March I have been asked to participate in, I better paint. ( thanks Miss Jane for the shout out! read her dammit!) I'm still selling
the teeny ones, though not many more will be around. I work so much better a bit larger sized.
Above is a detail from some sort of weird one I started the other day. Not only is it bigger, it's in OIL paint. I haven't used them in ages due to the fact my allergies tended to make every moment working with them a haze of fumes, itching, smells, and frustration. Now ,with water mixable oils part of that horror has been removed. Clean ups a breeze, but I still am dealing with some allergy issues when using them. I don't care though. The blend like no-bunnies bidness and I found some nice priced tubes I decided to experiment with.

We suffer for our art.

I have no idea what that painting is about yet, but working from dark to light is fun, the trees popped out suddenly, I couldn't even see them until I got some good work light on it and it started to dry a bit. There's more but it's so muckety mucked up right now I don't want to show it.
Bad part of oil painting: The DRYING time. UG. I forgot how fricking LONG it takes to dry, long enough that you have to stop working on a painting after a while and let it be to start to set before you go at it again. Working on multi paintings at a time helps but I rarely do more than one at a time. Time to change habits. I think most of my stuff for the show will have to be the ol' reliable acrylics.

(le' sigh)

music of the day: suggestions?
food of the day: squishy stuff
mood of the day: scared it won't go away...

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