Monday, September 17, 2012

And yet more...

my little brush can't keep up sometimes with my little racing monkey mind
but when it does:

©2012 pj leidy
oil on wood
update 9-18 SOLD

©2012 pj leidy
oil on wood 
SOLD in seconds!

Anyway, I even picked up a commission . Room for a few more before the holidaze so..ask NOW if
you are serious about a before 2012 delivery date! Commissions start at $200.00 (and up depending)

Fall is almost here, by far my favorite season! And not just cuz of halloweenie fun. It's oh so nice and chilly and blistery
warm spice kinda days I dig now. Who's in?

music of the day: BOWIE!!
food of the day: salmon, brocky, sweet tater
mood of the day: exhausted from lack of sleep , but dealing

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