Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caramel Apple Queen of Halloween
©2012 pj leidy

DONE! Finally!
I get antsy when it takes me a few weeks to finish a work.
Must be the ADD in me.
I notice I have for the most part,  blown off my blog for the 
greener pastures of the fast and flippant facebook. Not that there's anything
really bad about that, just I seem to not have much to say on here that warrants 
that much space. Short and sweet, that's me. 
Too much fun stuff going on, as well as not so much fun stuff ,but no less 

Music of the day: assorted mayhem
food of the day: whatever doesn't move
mood of the day: flippant

p.s friends don't let buzzed friends send stoopid email late night..jus sayin'. Apologies and no intent other than to wish them well.

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