Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whiskey on a Sunday...?

NO! it's DIM SUM on a new favorite day to go get some.
All the fun weird stuff is cooked then, a madhouse of activity
Whizzing dishes go by so fast, ya gotta practically grab as they go by.
hee hee...
I had some new things this time, bean curd and shrimp together,
chili pepper shrimp (heads still on) coated in a crunchy pepper batter
of some kind,I was told the option to eat the shells was there,
sort of like soft shell crab...good either way,
Turnip cakes of course and the usual favorite of shrimp dumplings.
Did this after I got up for the first showing of THE SIMPSONS MOVIE!
If you like them go see was pretty funny, stay til the END
all the way to the
credits end...if ya know whats good for ya!

LAZY Sunday the rest of the day...gots ta get up super early again tomorrow
for another week of fun training!!!

music of the day : THE EAT, Scattered Wahoo Action

food of the day: see above....


Reggie said...

Okay...where do you get good dim sum in Denver? I've only been to the place on Alameda and Zuni(ish). The food is good, but the cleanliness leaves a bit to be desired (and I can look the other way quite a bit).


hey you...
well its called Star Asian
on alameda...were you refering to the old place someone had MEE YEE?
this place is o.k clean far as Chinese restaurants go....