Friday, November 20, 2009

This won't hurt a BIT!

And it didn't! Today I went to GEEZE LOUISE COFFEE HOUSE that is down a few
blocks from me to visit with my pal Misun Oh ,who happens to be
doing acupuncture there every Friday from noon to 1:30 or so. I have been a bit
on edge lately so she did a special treatment to help release some of the stress.
NICE eh?
NOW I look like a REAL punk...hee hee

It's a way cool place with way cool staff and customers. Wi-Fi too.
I had a soothing green tea. I didn't know they had sammiches and stuff so next
Friday I just may swing by for some snax and needles!

Misun is shown here with her book of fun sticking points and needle magic.
What a doll!!! When I was in hospital a few years back she kindly came over and did
a back treatment.SO it's so cool she can help with stress too.
I look like a little pin fact the whole half of the shop looked like
the planet of pin-cushion people. Hee Hee.

On the whole, today was a "Get out of the apartment before you
strangle someone" day. I was starting to talk to my stuff and when the puppets
were answering me back...well I knew it was time to GET OUT.......NOW!
NOT a good thing.

Enjoy your weekend, and Beaujolais Day! WOOT!

music of the day: Morrissey, Belle and Sebastian, Beastie Boys
food of the day: a meat product
mood of the day: calmer.


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Hey, I read your blog on rare occasion, at least. And then I see that you hang out some time at Geez Louise, just like me.
(I have never gotten the acupuncture because I am not in any pain right now, thankfully.)
I don't recall ever seeing you at GL. (Judging by the picture, I left just before you came in on Friday.)
Check out my blog:
Leroy Q


hey thanks Leroy,
yah, you must have just left...but also it was my first time there!
I know, right? What up wit DAT?
Anyway, nice blog, and maybe I'll see you around there!