Sunday, October 31, 2010


Party/club going recovery and jelly bean brains. I can tell I'm not going to get
alot done today. I accept that. easy projects, errands are the order of the day.

New music as well. Traded in old cd's for new.Even trades are the best!
Got Nick Caves new group Grinderman 2 and a classic, Gary Numans, Tubeway Army.

It's a good day.
And as Miss Jane pointed out in her blog post today , tomorrow starts NABLOPOMO month.

(As well as NANOWRIMO month). Looks to be a busy month... I was thinking of decreeing it "National COMIC STRIP A DAY MONTH" (NACOSTMO)....but, all my cartoonist pals already do that!

what attempts, if any I make towards any of these projects is up in the air. We'll see, won't we?

music of the day: see above
food of the day: something pumpkiny
mood of the day: sludge-brain


Just Jane said...

You can't have any cupcakes if you don't eat your something.

Baked good prizes are awarded only to those who post every day. And comics count...if they're your own.


ah,, well good thing I ate my meat..tee hee

hey you're back logged a batch anyway to me..but
I accept the challenge..and will do a strip a day..diary style to meet the requirements!


hartchamber said...

actually, I would think, you could do both nanowrimo and NABLOPOMO by posting your days writings as a blog post.